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The Board of Directors

Our Company is overseen by a Board of Directors made up of highly experience Nigerians of high integrity.
The board is responsible for policy formulation and regulation of overall company operations. A chairman who is appointed from among the shareholders of the company chairs the board.

The Managing Director / Chief Executive Director

The managing Director reports to the Board of Directors and is the Chief Executive Officer of the company. He is responsible for translating the policies into workable business plan and the overall management of the budget, cost, planning, and new business development

The General Manager

The general manger reports directly to the managing Director of the company. He is responsible to the day to day administrative, personnel management and accounting functions of the organization. She has under her the Accountant, Administrative officers, marketing Executives, among others. She is more less the one running the company.

The Operations Manager

The operations Manager Reports directly to the managing General Manager of the company. He is responsible to the day to day operations of the organization, ensuring that client contract are executed without any delay, provide all logistic support for the other team member in ensuring services are render without any impediments.

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